Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a sub-Agent of another Company?

No, we are an independent company who trade without any third party influences, all our packages are created by ourselves directly dealing with hotels and flight merchants. We also do not outsource our packages to other companies.

Are you registered?

Yes, we are a fully registered ltd company with the companies’ house and also registered with the Ministry of Hajj.

What is ATOL protected?

All our packages are ATOL protected, which means if ever when you purchase a package with us and in the unfortunate event the company files for bankruptcy your money is secure by the ATOL protection scheme. You will be issued an ATOL certificate as soon as you make any sort of payment for your package.

What does the term DBL, Triple and Quint Mean?

The terms double, triple and quint mean if you were to book a double room that would be shared between two people, if you were to book a triple room it would be shared between three people and if you were to book a quint room it would be shared between four and five people and the price would relate to this structure per individual.

What is ‘No Shifting and No Azzizya’?

‘Shifting’ is a term used in Hajj Packages, when your accommodation will change from one hotel to another whilst you are in Makkah as it rarely happens in Madinah. The purpose is In order for you to get a cheaper package you would be situated close to the Haram (sanctuary) before Hajj starts and when the days of Hajj start you would be moved to a Hotel further away in most cases.

The term ‘Azzizya’ means the package being advertised is quite a distance from the Haram (sanctuary) so in order to get there in most cases you would have to take public transport evreytime you would go to the Haram (sanctuary) and back to your hotel, Which is very time consuming and inconvenient for most people.

How large is the Group and how many guides or helpers will you have?

Our groups vary from year to year normally they would range between 100 to 200 average, as we strive to provide a great service so we have plenty of field service members, our team normally would be upwards of 10 to 15 persons which would include guides, scholars and catering staff.


We only take cash payments, cheques and bank transfers.

What do you mean by the term ‘Mahram’?

Mahram is an Arabic word meaning someone who is related to you that you cannot marry e.g. Father, Uncle, Grandfather, brother etc. or your husband, it only concerns women as a pre requisite for entering the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as all women must be accompanied by a Mahram otherwise they will be denied entry.