Hajj 2019 /1440H

What’s included in our Hajj Package  (No Shifting & No Azizziyah) Maximum Room Occupancy of 4 person sharing

Visa Requirements

Besides that these are the things that you need to prepare and be aware of: Not your first Hajj or Umrah ?  Please Note: Ministry of Hajj and Umrah will now charge you for your Hajj and Umrah visa. Click here – check before you book to see if you have to pay the extra […]

Hajj Guide

Three ways of performing the Hajj Hajj al-Tamatt’u This means entering into Ihram for the Umrah during in the months of Hajj. and after finishing his Umrah take off his Ihram. And to put on Ihram again for the Hajj from Makkah on the 8th day of Dhul-Hijjah during the same year in which the […]