Visa Requirement

Besides that these are the things that you need to prepare and be aware of:

  • Not your first Hajj or Umrah ?¬† Please Note: Ministry of Hajj and Umrah will now charge you for your Hajj and Umrah visa.
    • Click here – check before you book to see if you have to pay the extra SAR2,000 fee for Umrah visa
  1. Valid Digital Passport with a least 6 months remaining from date of departure
  2. Two Recent Passports size Colour photographs
  3. A.C.W.Y Meningitis Certificate
  4. Women Should Be Accompanied by their Mehram
  5. Please give evidence for Mehram if names are not matching, e.g. Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate etc.
  6. European passport and Foreign passport holders must give proof of residence e.g. Residence Permit, Utility bills etc.
  7. Full Terms and Conditions apply and Available upon Booking


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